Biddlecombe Plett and Associates was formed in 2016 as a merger of two Chartered Professional Accountant firms with the same ideals, beliefs and ideologies of how a CPA firm should help their clients. Biddlecombe and Associates was formed in 1977 and Plett and Associates was formed in 1997. Therefore, the merger brought lots of experience and knowledge together for our clients and staff, as well as a South Surrey office and a Delta office for client convenience.

As a boutique accounting firm with two offices to serve our clients, our philosophy is to server our clients in the manner to which we would want to be served, not how the industry serves its clients. We want to get to know our clients, their companies and their accounting and taxation needs.  We want to educate our clients and help them understand what accountants can do for them while maintaining that personal relationship.

Most accounting firms offer a similar menu of services with an array of pricing. They are all vying for your business.  At Biddlecombe Plett and Associates, your business matters to us.  We provide personalized top rate services with reasonable fees.

We are advocates for our clients – they rely on us to be their first call for tax, business advisory and financial decisions.  In the advisor role, we work closely with business managers, investment advisors, lawyers and individual taxpayers to choose a path based on their need and risk tolerance, not a cookie cutter solution applied to everyone.  Our goal is to work with our clients rather than around them, discussing the issues rather than narrating textbook pages and customizing our work to fit their needs and goals.

We understand our role in the personal taxation and business operations of our clients and know that their success contributes to ours.  We welcome your business and appreciate the opportunity to work with you. 

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